You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. The wedding planning process can often feel daunting – we completely understand! Below are a few of the questions we most frequently get from our clients. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

Q: What does the Silver Thistle Events team do?

The answer is simple. We allow you to enjoy both the wedding planning process and your wedding day to its fullest from start to finish.

  • We take the stress out of your wedding day so you are able to soak up and enjoy every special moment.
  • We recommend and secure your dream team of vendors who complement your style, personality and budget.
  • We deliver creative design and capture your personality to craft the wedding day you’ve always envisioned.
  • We prepare our couples with the information and detail they need to fully understand how their wedding day will unfold, leaving no questions unasked.
  • We are on top of every detail so you can focus on getting married, not the behind-the-scenes logistics.
  • We proactively anticipate issues that could have spelled disaster and provide solutions even before guests arrive.
  • We show patience and grace while coordinating with family, friends and other guests. Our feathers are rarely ruffled!
  • We help you create a cohesive team of vendors and ensure that the look and experience was exactly what you envision.

We are your professional friend!

Q: How does the coordination process work?

That is the million-dollar question. What we do is sometimes hard to visualize because the service we provide is truly intangible. We aren’t giving you beautiful photos or a dream bouquet. Our job is to pull all of these memorable details together and make them work seamlessly together to create your perfectly unique experience.

Q: What is the difference between coordination and planning?

Some people have a perfect vision along with the resources to plan their own event but want a professional to execute the plans they’ve put in place. Others want a fully customized event that incorporates their vision that they can just show up to and enjoy the day. Some people fall in-between those two places and want some assistance during the planning process, but also want a professional to run the day. Silver Thistle Events can customize a package that fits all of your needs; all you have to do is decide which the best fit is for you!


Coordination packages are for the client looking for a “hands on” approach to planning the event themselves, but want experienced professionals to handle the logistics and details on the actual event day so the client can just relax and enjoy themselves.

Although it is recommended to hire a coordinator as far in advance as possible, the coordinator will actually become involved a month or so prior to the event and take the reins from there. Your coordinator’s role is to gather all the details and plans you have made then go over any details that may have been missed in the planning process. After all, you haven’t done this before. They will take the lead in communicating with the hired vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page and create a comprehensive timeline from setup to tear down. The day of the event, the coordinator leads the team to ensure everything is organized and runs smoothly from start to finish. Coordination packages also include full ceremony rehearsal.


Planning packages are for the client looking for more assistance and guidance throughout the process of planning an event, or for the couple who simply doesn’t have the time to plan a wedding on their own. Typically the planner becomes involved towards the beginning of the process and will be the primary liaison between the client and the vendor team. They will provide you with a custom vendor list and work with the team throughout the process to create a cohesive and unique vision for your day. They will not only serve as your event coordinator, but also assist in ensuring you stay within your budget while still attaining the look and feel you initially desired. Planning packages will of course also include full ceremony rehearsal.

Q: When do we start working together?

This depends on the level of service you choose. Coordination services begin at least 30 days prior to your big day. Full Planning services begin right away.

Q: What does an average wedding cost?

It all depends! There are lots of factors to consider; guest count, venue, catering style, etc… This is something we are experts in and can assist you in creating a realistic budget.